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And how about asteroid Ceres Sustainability? This is a very tight complete Grand Sextile, where none of the members are more than a Degree from Eurydike. There are also three additional planets within a Degree and a half of Eurydike, assisting from the Magnetic side…. The Mythology is that these have Control over us and not Vice Versa. However, Striving as we do for Consciousness, we interpret these asteroids as Choice rather than Fate — these are the Choices that Erase our Karma. Klotho, by the way, is only a Degree from Pluto, and we could have legitimately included it in the Pluto Kite of Women and Chaos 3.

Look to see if you have Resistance to that idea. Well, take a Deep Breath, turn around, and Walk Backwards. Lean In, as Sheryl would advise. This is what Pluto would do. No Worries. Walk very slowly, and each time you move your right foot backwards, imagine that your Inner Alternate-Gender Self is riding your feet, facing you, so that the step moves His or Her left foot forward. When your left arm swings forward, Her or His right arm swings backwards. The image is that your Alter-Ego Anima for Boys, Animus for Girls actually occupies the same space as you do, but faces backwards. So they step forward when you step backward.

Daniel Scranton Channels some Pleiadian Wisdom about this…. You understood that Earth had a very special place in the galaxy and that you were embarking upon a very specific mission for all of consciousness.

And while you knew that there would be some very dark times, quite a bit of pain, and a little too much suffering, you stepped right up to it and decided that this was the only place for you to be. You understood that the reward for being on planet Earth was like none other in the galaxy.

And so you feel that the pain and suffering was worth it.

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You may not feel it now, from where you stand, but we guarantee you that you feel it on the level of your higher self and your oversoul. The next mission is about experiencing joy and unbridled, unconditional love. You have come this far in order to feel what it is like to move from the depths of darkness to the heights of ecstasy.

It is up to you how much longer you play with the third-dimensional rules and when you fully embrace the fifth-dimensional perspective, the fifth-dimensional frequency, the fifth-dimensional experience of reality.

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We know that many of you feel ready, and we say to you that you are. It is all just a matter of opening your heart, letting that be your guide, and forgetting everything that you think you have learned up until this point. The chart of the Atropos Station is relatively simple. That would be natural. Most of the time most of us just Feel Victimized by our Archetypes, as if they were woven by Someone Else.

Why would I Choose Suffering?

Part of our Mission. Do we Love Ourself in spite of our Karma?


Our Mission is not Letting Go of our Karma. Which is the same error we all make — the Ego is supposed to keep us Alive, not to keep itself Alive. How can it keep us Alive though, if it Dies? Another Paradox. A Quincunx Bridge is like meeting Gollum. But rather than Solve the constant stream of Riddles, we need to Zen them — leave them as Riddles, unanswered. Anything that the Dualistic mind can conjure to Respond to them, will be a knife in the Heart of Mystery. That Fearless Child, in Awe at the marvelous things around Her, completely unprepared to try to make Sense of them, and, apart from trying to Understand the Abuse she so unfairly Received, having no need to make Sense of them.

That Child, pre-Abuse, is the one we need to Recover. She holds the Ring. The Abuse is the re-enactment of our Karma.

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Who were we before we stumbled into these Patterns of Sabotage? We are simply Unconditional Love, Personified. Habits by definition Remove us from the Present Moment.

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North node true node is 2 Aries 2 in the 6 th , and south note is 2 Libra 2 in the 12 th. East point 2 auxiliary Ascendant is 0 Scorpio 42 in the 1 st house conjunct Pallas at 1 Scorpio Antivertex another auxiliary Ascendant is 21 Scorpio 34 in the 2 nd house. Ceres is 7 Sagittarius 27 in the 2 nd house, and Chiron is 17 Chiron Local East point is 15 Virgo 23 conjunct natal Saturn at 14 Virgo Sun-Moon midpoint is 22 Aries 19 conjunct Descendant 7 th house cusp.

Venus-J upiter midpoint is 21 Aries 15 also conjunct the Descendant. J uno-Ascendant midpoint is 8 Libra 55 conjunct Mars. Vesta-Saturn midpoint is 9 Cancer 43 conjunct the Sun. Vesta-Uranus midpoint is 5 Gemini 13 conjunct Venus. J upiter-Chiron midpoint is 27 Capricorn conjunct IC home focus. Saturn-East point midpoint is 7 Libra 34 conjunct Mars. Uranus-Pluto midpoint is 26 Cancer 3 conjunct MC. Neptune-Eastpoint midpoint is conjunct Ascendant another Letter twelve emphasis.

The asteroid California is 15 Libra 13 conjunct Neptune California has been my home since early November Fortuna is conjunct California. Libitina is 21 Libra 59 conjunct the Ascendant, and Spartacus at 22 Libra 30 is also conjunct it. Washingtonia at 11 Aquarius 56 is conjunct my natal Part of Death at 12 Aquarius 27 I do not plan to live there!

Nemesis at 19 Gemini 6 is conjunct Pasadena at 19 Gemini 24 I also do not plan to live in that city! Shakespeare at 4 Gemini 32 and Apollo at 4 Gemini 35 are also conjunct Venus. I never had an active interest in reading Shakespeare but somehow the Universe is connecting me with him. The best I can say is that I enjoyed Kenneth Branaughs Hamlet] NOTE: Any aspect of importance must be within a strict one-degree orb, especially if the angles are involved and the planets such as conjunctions.

The Universe is potentially connecting you with the significance s of that asteroid. If, say, San Diego is conjunct your Moon, potentially that city can be a natural or karmic home for you. Spock 13 Aquar i us 31 Mr. Edmondson Slipher V. Slipher and E. Victor L. Husband o Mikeanderson Michael P. Anderson o Davidbrown David M. Clark o Ilanramon see below o Williemccool William C. Spock Mr.

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Tompkins Mr. See aspects of in need of or contributing to Healing. Oh, what a story is that! She loves and loves and then has to give up Odysseus because he loves his wife and kids at home. Calypso aka Kalypso - a detail from an 18th century painting. At the moment of this moment Kalypso is sitting in complete and utter opposition to Sedna. And Sedna is conjunct Industria industriousness and Sabine held captive as a slave. For others, they'll play the Sedna card as being spoiled, wanting what they want because they want it Yes, well Some of us? Not so much!

Astrology: asteroid EURYDIKE (Eurydice)

This all seems to come down to a series of questions. Will you be distracted and defeated? Will you get to doing what you need to because should? Will you humor yourself because nothing matters except your own desires? Will you hold yourself to doing those things which contribute to who you have always known and felt you should be?